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ChatGPT Adoption in Cultural Domains in India: A Diffusion of Innovation Analysis


This study explores the adoption and usage of ChatGPT, an intelligent chat companion developed by OpenAI, focusing on its application in the cultural and related domains. By leveraging Google Trends data for India over a six-month period and employing Rogers' theory of diffusion of innovation, the study examines metrics related to awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, and adoption. Results show that 5% of the sample has transitioned into the adoption phase, regularly employing the tool for practical purposes. The research investigates the different ways within the cultural space in which consumers use ChatGPT, including the use as a writing and research aid, for specific text processing tasks like paraphrasing and summarization and for monetizing hobbies and creative output. Another application showing promise is AI-based travel and itinerary planning. These findings provide valuable insights into the evolving expectations and preferences of individuals regarding culture and leisure activities. Policymakers, cultural studies researchers, content creators, and technology developers can leverage these insights to understand evolving social norms, facilitate creative expression, foster economic empowerment, and boost tourism.


Keywords: ChatGPT, Diffusion of Innovation, Cultural Studies, Generative Artificial Intelligence, Mass Communication

Cite Article (APA):

Mukhopadhyay, S. (2023). ChatGPT Adoption in Cultural Domains in India: A Diffusion of Innovation Analysis. Asian Journal of Management and Commerce, 4(2), 112-117.

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