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From Legacy to Aspiration: Thematic Analysis of India's 77th Independence Day Address


Using a thematic content analysis approach, this paper examines the 77th Independence Day Address delivered by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on 15th August 2023. The study analyzes the annual speech as a significant piece of political communication and identifies 30 thematic elements encompassing historical reflections, present challenges, and a future-oriented vision. Each of these thematic items has been categorized into one of five distinct categories, including identity, vision, potential, challenges, and achievements as they pertain to the past, present, and future. The analysis reveals a forward-looking address that presents a long-term vision of the nation and of the world at large. 53% of the themes are future-oriented, while 83% are positive and associated with long-term vision, national identity, potential and achievements. The address therefore emphasizes an ambitious and compelling narrative that seeks to address challenges and aspirations through long-term large-scale initiatives to propel India to greater national prosperity and global leadership.

Keywords: Thematic Content Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Political Communication, Independence Day, Narendra Modi, India Vishwaguru, superpower, long-term vision

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Mukhopadhyay, S. (2023). From Legacy to Aspiration: Thematic Analysis of India's 77th Independence Day Address. Quest Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Science, 11(8), 219-224.

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